Relationship Wellness

Jean Goodwin, LCSW

Do you regularly find yourself wondering what happened to the fun, the connection, the sex in your relationship? Or musing that, if we love each other, shouldn’t our relationship feel better than this? Contrary to everything our culture has taught us, extraordinary relationships do not happen by accident. They develop over time, when adults relate to each other in skillful ways. Though an essential part of relationship, love alone will not bring happiness to or make a relationship work. The relationship you desire requires skill.

At A Good Life Counseling and Coaching you learn how to be in relationship.   You learn...

  • How the inherent dynamics of relationship can lead to feelings of isolation   and dissension
  • How to change the patterns and limiting roles in your relationship
  • How to build interdependence by balancing connection and autonomy
  • How to develop personal responsibility and trust in yourself and your partner
  • How to engage with your partner and yourself with kindness, respect,         and authenticity

Strong and loving relationships are an essential component of a good life. We place great value on them and yet we often do little to tend and nurture them. The relationship you desire is attainable; it flourishes when given the necessary care and attention. Tending your relationship will transform it from one filled with mediocrity, tension, or pain to a relationship in which generosity, tenderness, and joy abound.

"We do not pick our perfect match because we ourselves are not perfect. The Universe hands us a flawless diamond - in the rough. Only if we are willing to polish off every part of we end up with a soul mate."
Notes to Each Other, Hugh & Gail Prather