Neuro-emotional Technique

Jean Goodwin, LCSW

Most of us would agree that emotions add richness to our lives. We may also find ourselves “stuck” in emotional patterns that leave us feeling confused, afraid, or even out of control. Emotions such as fear, anger, and grief can affect us long after the event that caused them. When we continue to emotionally re-experience past events, our quality of life, our good life, can be significantly impacted.

Neuro-emotional technique (N.E.T.) is a non-traditional stress-reduction technique with its origins in physiology, kinesiology, acupuncture theory, and neuroscience. An emotion results when our body experiences a stress in response to an event. Research has revealed that emotions are not simply “in our head” but are biochemical in nature. More simply stated, we “feel” emotions because chemicals are released in the body. Why some emotions stay stuck in the body is uncertain, though it appears that when the body’s resistance is comprised for some reason, as in the case of trauma, the body is unable to release the emotional stress. Using muscle testing, acupressure, and visualization, N.E.T. identifies the stuck emotional memory loop, resolves it, and allows the body to return to balance.