Jean Goodwin, LCSW

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Emotional Wellness

Develop your ability to consciously engage with your life and live the possibilities it holds

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Relationship Wellness

Learn the skills to build a fulfilling, loving, and stimulating relationship

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Neuro-Emotional Wellness

Let go of stuck emotional memory patterns and free yourself to live the life you desire

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Taking care of my emotional health has made all the difference in how I feel about myself and my life!  I appreciate everything you do and put forth of yourself to support my success.

Sitting and talking with Jean is like talking to a friend, only better.   How she approaches dealing with tough stuff makes it much easier, even kind of fun.

Jean is a breath of fresh air. She has nurtured me through the ups and downs of my engaged, busy, complicated life and guided me through the 'difficulty of the moment' with manageable suggestions and doable homework. She is lovely to talk with and has a down-to-earth demeanor.

We want to say THANK YOU…We have thought of you often and have talked about how all the work we did, all the issues we discussed and patterns we identified, tilled the soil for the incredible bounty we have seen in our marriage over the past 5 months. In many ways, it feels like we are newlyweds...but wiser and more mature! :). So thank you for pushing us, encouraging us, asking tough questions and holding us accountable. We are in a wonderful place in our relationship and are better spouses, parents and people for the time we spent with you.