Emotional Wellness

Jean Goodwin, LCSW

What is emotional wellness and what does it have to do with a good life?

Take a minute to picture your good life. What pops into your head? Perhaps you see a beautiful home, career success, or travel. Maybe you see family, friends, or a charitable endeavor. Next, put yourself in that mental picture. You’re smiling, aren’t you?  Now, allow the rest of the picture to fade away. There you are, with no trappings, simply smiling, simply feeling your good fortune, experiencing emotional wellness. Positive emotions and relationships, engagement, meaning, trust, and resilience are the components of emotional wellness and emotional wellness is at the heart of a good life!

How do we create emotional wellness?

At  A Good Life Counseling and Coaching we explore your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors to discover what is driving your life – what to strengthen and what to let go.  We develop your awareness, acceptance, wisdom, and skills as you learn to intentionally apply your attention and implement proven techniques that transform how you feel, what you think, and how you behave. As you cultivate your emotional wellness, you and your good life flourish.